I cannot

I cannot. No
I cannot go ahead find another.
Not again anymore.
When I wanted you. I meant it.
Finding another will be a shit.

No. Not again.
No strength left to find another you.
Doing the same to me. Going through the same rendezvous.
Tired of finding you in every person I meet.
I am numb. Have nothing to speak.

The same questions, the same answer,’ I don’t know.’
Pissed I am of this kind of flow.
Suffocated and frustrated I am right now.
What is wrong with me? I want to find out somehow.

You held my hand
Gave me hopes
Alas… this lonely self was wallowing in ropes.

The love, the generosity.
Lead me towards animosity.
My assumption of you liking me.
Blinded me of the important facts to see.


Thank you for reading. Hope you liked it. 🙂

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