A guilt

So true was my soul
Now filled with guilt
Deep down I feel
So lost and helpless

Running away from the past
Ruining everything inside me at last
What am I doing? Was the question raised
Am I playing with my own self? With disgrace.

Selfishness is where my thoughts are leading me
I am not helping my self is the thing haunting me.
Such an honest soul I am, repeating the same mistake again.
Why? For what?  Questioning began.

Blocking what I thought was true.
Clearing my mind to start something new.
Not knowing if a person can ever be blocked from the mind.
So helpless and doubtful. Am I of this kind?

Talk it out was the only option.
I needed a good friend for suggestion.
Take time to sit back and spend time with own self .
Things will turn out good when you detox your core self.

Need a clean Bye from the past.
To find a new Me, I should do it fast.
Soon will gain normality.
With the new rising Sun, I will be filled with quality.


Thank you for reading. Hope you liked it. πŸ™‚


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