A reader’s wish

Want to be myselfRead moreWrite moreBe it good or poorDoesn't matter The daily practice Would help me improveMore new wordsWill keep me in cueOf good readers and writers present My posts filled with their positive and negative comments This would be real one dayMy writing won't be kept at bayI wish to readI wish to… Continue reading A reader’s wish

I cannot

I cannot. No I cannot go ahead find another. Not again anymore. When I wanted you. I meant it. Finding another will be a shit. No. Not again. No strength left to find another you. Doing the same to me. Going through the same rendezvous. Tired of finding you in every person I meet. I… Continue reading I cannot

A guilt

So true was my soulNow filled with guiltDeep down I feelSo lost and helpless Running away from the past Ruining everything inside me at last What am I doing? Was the question raised Am I playing with my own self? With disgrace. Selfishness is where my thoughts are leading me I am not helping my… Continue reading A guilt