Let Her Grow

I say prepare a girl to handle finances from the day she enters this cruel world of patriarchy. Money holds the power to supress. I know she will eventually be blamed and shamed but at least that blame and shame will be worth.

Empowerment of a woman starts when she is born. A family more supportive is all she wants. Giving her all the basic needs which are provided to a man. Letting her to outshine in her own ways. A hand to crawl and make her to learn to walk.

She is not to be left behind. She stands on the same earth, born in the same way, drinks the same water, eats the same food. What wrong has she done? Why is her birth a curse?

If she is black, she is punished. If she is brown, she is punished. She is taught to bow in respect, hold the tray to serve tea, wash clothes, do all the thinks with sincerity. Have we ever thought of asking her what she wants?

I tear up when I hear stories of rape, murder, dowry. Why wrong is she to you?

This is what makes her rough and strong. She yearns for love not animosity.

She gradually becomes an unbreakable glass. Thoughts need a lot change. Open mindedness does not mean wearing short clothes. It comes from what and how you think.

Thank you for reading. Hope you liked it.


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