Looks Compensate

Looks compensate.
Do they?
You want the girl to act as a submissive.
Rule upon her.
Have full authority over her.

Is she not a human?
Does she has to act in the same manner with everyone?
She knows whom she has to answer and how.
She knows you are playing her and mistakenly taken her to be a fool.
She knows more than you would have thought.

It is a game you guys play.
Trickery you think will melt her heart.
Because you are acting as a mirage.
Mockery is what she considers after knowing your lines.
She is not a fool but far more than a mine.

Heart broken and cold she has become.
Don’t think you are the only one.
Her beauty is deceptive.
For which she is positive.
She is a human not a Robot.

Thank you for reading. Hope you liked the thought.