Just want to lay beside the sea watching the waves playing rhythimically to enhance its beauty, encouraging its soul to be louder and sharper with each breath it takes.

The inhales are unknowingly soothing and exhales are equal to thunder. A thunder which resides inside every natural being on earth.

The cold air filled with tranquility passing through my physical existence letting me know my existence. Reminding me my strength as I peacefully sit on the rock without my body swaying by the passing of the air.

Let go of the worries as I watch the carefree birds moving along in a flock. Playfully chirping to each other. Unknown of their intentions and thoughts but unable to resist watching their little active wings without any flaw.

Fancied by the thought of my glow from the inside.

Want to pack my bags and elope.

To embrace the beauty of the surroundings and feel myself to be a natural human living on a planet still filled with such appealing picturesque.

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Feel Nothing

At times I feel nothing.

Nothing at all.

Every minute my mind tells me to fuck off, get on with your own life.

Because the next day, I would have to carry the burden of so many feelings where I know they won’t last anyways.

At times I feel nothing.

Nothing at all.

No tear, no smile, no anger, no laugh.
A numb me.
A dumb me.

I choose to feel it that way.
May be it is for the best for the day.

A saturation point where I need to be with me.
A recycling of own self.
Is the way I would like you to perceive.

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