I thought I could

I thought I could do something of own.

Something I can give to the world and equally be benefitted.

But seems I am not able to properly manage me and my priorities.

Should I give up and drown in disgrace?

Not knowing what to do next.

Just want to lie and hug my bed.

Don’t want any answers or judgements or words.

Just leave me alone to whatever I am thinking, I command.


No Hopes

Tears flowing

Hopes drowning

Insides shouting.

Why me?

Clueless of which road I should walk in.

Thinking of abandoning and giving up every thing.

Lost is what I am right now.

Will I make it?

No answer will sooth my soul, anyhow.

Love Self

You know what, I am sick writing about Love and its meaning.

If you don’t love yourself enough, then you cannot know what Love is.