Challenged Nature

I challenged nature today.

A day where I heard myself saying,’I can do this’.

And I did.

I roared to the waters, paved a way through the floods.

A sudden feeling of, ‘Will I reach my destination today?’ changed to, ‘I accept the nature’s challenge.’

I somehow managed.

My bike didn’t betray me until I was near my destination.

And my mind and heart screamed loudly,’ Move on. Don’t stop.’

I proudly faced my terror and anxiety.

I enjoyed. Reality is, not just me but the whole city is enjoying the floods.

Careless of what will happen next.

Be brave to enjoy any difficult moment in life.

Overcome your fears by facing them.

A brave heart is what you need.


  1. When it rains…. Oh my God… Not sure which part you are living once I was stuck in Mumbai rains and I was freaked out till I reach my hotel room… The roads the floods the trouble always thrilling when u reach safe and look back.

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    1. Yes. I know. It was terrifying for me. Yes, you have to be careful and you have the manholes. Gosh everything seems to be fading when facing such natural disasters.


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