Sorry, say it. Why?

The word has a meaning. Why can’t one understand?

Made a mistake? Once, twice, thrice. Now, how many times are you ready to use to the word ‘Sorry’?

Its a limited edition word, buddy.


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  1. Sorry, look the word up in the dictionary and you will find two definitions.

    Definition number one means to feel regret for someone else.
    You are sorry that their turtle died, you feel regret for their not feeling well.
    Definition number two is dirty, despicable, filthy, and miserable,
    as in: the bum was a sorry sight.
    When someone says they are sorry to me,
    I usually agree with them (definition number two).
    Yes you are a despicable, miserable, lying bag of dirt.

    When dealing with an alcoholic or an addictive personality
    the word sorry means that that person is being given permission
    to repeat their bad habits.
    Sorry Mom, I don’t know what happened to the money in your purse..
    Sorry Dad, I don’t know how the car was dented.
    Sorry Honey, I forgot our anniversary and to come home last night.
    Sorry Kids, I didn’t remember it was your birthday party.

    If I make a mistake today, and my wife allows me one mistake per year,
    I have learned to apologize. A simple excuse me will usually suffice.

    Sorry has become the most misused and abused word in the American vocabulary.

    When the situation requires an apology look the other person in the eye
    and with truth and conviction explain the errors of your ways.
    Promise to yourself and the other person to behave like a real human being
    in the future.
    Recovery is all about change.

    Want to improve your memory??
    Stop lying.

    Sorry doesn’t cut it.

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    1. Thank you for reading and understanding my point on the word Sorry. 🙂

      So easily said yet given no thought. Sorry is a casual word with meaning nobody cares about. We know that we are making the same mistake we were sorry about earlier, not caring about the feelings of the other person whom we were sorry to.

      Thank you for highlighting and elaborating on the same. 🙂😍

      And thank you visiting the blog. I am glad you liked my post. 💕 Have a cheerful day ahead.


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