Why are we so after perfection?

Are we not perfect the way we are?

What is perfection?

Has anyone thought of this?

Fat, acne, messy life, no career, no job, bla bla…

Can not we strive to improve upon this. But what? We still would feel imperfect. It has become our habit. We strive and strive to achieve what we want but when we get it we again strive for something which the other person is in possession and that other person too thinks he is imperfect.

Then what should we work for?

Just be a good human being everything will fall in place. Is it?

I just think one should mind his own business and life. Peeping into others leads to a chain of thoughts for achieving perfection. Which, by the way, is nothing. Everything you are now is perfect. Perfect for you and others. Yes, do work hard to better what you think is imperfect which is altogether perfect.

Conclusion: You are Perfect. Fuck everything else.

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