Its not always happiness.

Sometimes shedding tears helps you to regain your strength.



Sorry, say it. Why?

The word has a meaning. Why can’t one understand?

Made a mistake? Once, twice, thrice. Now, how many times are you ready to use to the word ‘Sorry’?

Its a limited edition word, buddy.

My Worth

After an year of marriage, I dreamt for the want of my freedom. Attending to every single need of my beloveds, I lost me happily.

Engrossed in building my own happy world.

Taking care of each and every corner of the newly purchased home.

I thought I am settled and complete.

Don’t know why I felt incomplete.

Deep down the soul shouted, “let go”.

But this love, this love did not let me.

My wants, my needs, my happiness where do I stand.

I cried inside every day. Was not able to stand those every day criticisms. “Good for nothing”, “Food is horrible”, “The house is a mess”.

They did never got to know but it pained. That all was torturous.

A day came when a thought struck.

I packed and stepped out of that cage.

As far away as possible, leaving a note behind.

“On a journey to fulfill my desires”

My wish to just leave everything behind and live in solitude some day turned into reality.

Since then I am living my life with pride and honour. Showing myself my worth.

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Move On

Why can’t we be plain, simple and easy?

Why can’t we just be who we are?

Why do we have to mould ourselves according to the world?

Why can’t just things go?

Why so many hurdles?

Why pain?

Why suffering?

Why longing?


Tears. Smiles.

Bad. Good.

Should we even care?

Be it anything. We move on.

We move on, in hopes of making the negatives, positives.

We fall. We cry.

But we move on.

Move On. Don’t mess with your mind. It plays with you at times.

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