The Idea

A lot of travelling, a lot of reading and a lot of writing generate a lot of thoughts. It is like a wool ball, every thought some or the other way is connected. You need to knit them in your own words for you and the reader to connect with the same thought. Understanding people, their actions, different situations and pouring the same into sentences containing different figures of speech, difficult words. Interesting task it seems but to make it creative for attracting readers, phew. Challenging!

Accepting the challenge to attract more readers has become a hobby. Very much up for it and my thoughts in simple words, hope will make the task easy.


New June with new colour and some changes in the blog. Though I did changed the theme last month and decided to change the colour of the header image every month. Hope you like it.

Not a poet but as it is evident that I am striving hard to write and understand poetry. The thoughts section has it all. Will try my best to produce my talents, in words, photographs and paintings, which all the followers and viewers like. The blog achieved 500 likes and more than 100 followers.

MERCI BEAUCOUP (THANK YOU VERY MUCH) to You amazing people who liked my work and hit the follow icon😊. Have less words to describe this happiness as I had never tried to show my writing part to others. Its the first step. Will not stop writing, so keep viewing and commenting. Cheers!

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