The Idea

The Reader

The nurture part of a person’s life, the experiences, teaches her and provokes her to preach through different mediums. I chose penning down my thoughts. Not everyone goes through the same steps but experiences are same, time may not match. Every write up is situational, this is obvious. Unless you go through it, you can not write about it. ‘Just write’ this is what I thought. Looking for appropriate words, pondering over rhyming ones. Found it interesting and consequential. Now is a hobby πŸ™‚

The thoughts moving inside this little head of mine after acknowledging and understanding my surroundings, it was a mess. Frankly, felt like I need some space. My iPhone’s notepad helps me a lot on saving my thoughts(image below). I know, once I loose it, I will lose my space. Hope you would have got my point here.

WordPress seemed the best option. I registered for the free plan. Started with my writing skills. ClichΓ©, right? I know. But it is an amazing medium through  which different writers communicate their thoughts to the world. Be it any topic, just express.

Creating space inside my head by writing and filling the same with new thoughts daily. It is what I am doing here. Enhancing my own skills by unwinding the threads inside my head. This is the mission I am carrying for the site.    

Hey All,
I am no writer, want to be a better reader. I write to enhance the beauty of my reading. My thoughts are located on the menu above. Please do follow (if you like what I write) by just typing in your email address, below, the sign up form. You can also contact me. Will feel glad to hear from the Readers.    

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