The Idea

Less of writing last month but didn’t leave the reading part. Writing has become a part of me, this side which I discovered few months back when was provoked by some friends to write online on some application and upload the same on Instagram and let people comment on how am I at this. Understanding the value of reviews, I chose to create a blog. Confidence level, initially, was low, no likes, no views, nothing. Gradually I understood, read other amazing blogs, followed them, liked posts which lead me to understand the ways to write and what all to do to attract readers. If I talk about the transformation, scroll down 👇. But first, the colour of the month. 🙂

Proudly I host the flag of India every year in the month of August, date 15th, The Independence Day and this months colour is soulfully dedicated to the colour of Ashoka Chakra, which you will find in the middle of the flag with 24 spokes depicting virtues and values which a human should possess. JAI HIND

Welcome new followers and readers. Glad to have you around this blog. About the transformation, I am both amazed and emotional with the website status. On 30th of July 2019, WordPress notified me that the blog has 1000 likes. I didn’t thought of this increase as I had not been much active last month. Thank you all by heart for liking this thoughts section containing my creativity. You are my motivation to make this blog better by my upgraded writing. Hugs to all of you, your awesomeness and patience is reflecting in my blog status.

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